Maker: Barker, B. Benton

Identifier: Barker, B. Benton
Biography: Barker was a Burlington photographer who operated a studio at 183 College Street from 1904 to 1913. Burlington: The Metropolis of Today (c. 1907, LL#2010.1.451) described Barker and his work: "Here is a man with thirty years' experience in the art of photography to his credit, and one who is prepared to turn out the highest grade work, work that is known throughout this section of the State for the most exquisitely artistic finish, the subtlety and softness in the effects of light and shade, and the manner of mounting and beautifying photos. Mr. Barker has been located in this particular studio for the past five years, undertaking the management of it at the retirement of the former proprietor. Altogether the place has been established for over seventy years. There are seven rooms in the studio, those affording recreation for patrons being fitted in a most comfortable and inviting manner. The work done consists of photographs, portraits, interiors, flash-lights of receptions, weddings and private parties, day and night, on short notice. Kodak work is finished, and enlargements, lantern slides, etc. are made. Amateur photography is taken care of for the most reasonable prices. Mr. Barker engages three assistants." (p. 8).