Creator: Bessey, Charles H.

Identifier: Bessey, Charles H.
Biography: Charles H. Bessey was the owner of a news store at 136 Church Street in Burlington and a publisher of many souvenir postcards. Burlington of Today (c. 1907; LL 2010.1.451) notes that he sold "Stationery, Periodicals, Papers, Souvenirs, Sheet Music, etc. For nine years this business has stood high in the favor of the public of Burlington and today it is one of those at the head of the line which deals in these lines. Mr. Bessey is a genial and accommodating gentleman, and it is a pleasure to purchase small articles in his store on account of the unvarying courtesy patrons always receive. There is no magazine or periodical of any importance that has not found its way to his counters, and in addition to these he keeps a large stock of the popular circulating library books and all the latest sheet music is on sale in his place as soon as it gets a hold on the interest of the music-loving public. In connection with his music department, Mr. Bessey sells strings for mandolins, guitars, violins, and banjos. A variety of small articles, such as souvenirs of all kinds, purses, etc., add to the stock on hand. To handle the trade two assistants are employed, and the store covers an entire main floor. The Standard Patterns, which are the most popular and reliable used throughout this section, have their agency here." (p. 4) According to the 1910 Burlington City Directory (LL 2010.1.5), Bessey also ran a drugstore with his son Max, C.H. Bessey & Son, at 178 College Street.