Published Materials: City Hall Park, Burlington, Vt.

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Identifier: 2010.1.1432
Collection: Llewellyn Collection of Vermont History
Date: 1909 Type: Exact Date
Object Type: Postcards
Description: Black and white "real photo" postcard depicting City Hall Park during the Champlain Tercentenary celebration in July 1909, viewed from the corner of Main and St. Paul Streets. Park and streets are decorated with flags. Sign reading "Champlain / 1609/ July 4-10 1909" is hung from trees in park. A stage erected over the steps to City Hall is visible in the background. Captioned "City Hall Park Burlington, Vt." on lower left of front. Not labeled.
Dimensions: Width: 13.7 cm Height: 8.6 cm Depth:
Material: Photograph
List item names (from related list items): City Hall Park (Burlington, Vt.) City Hall (Burlington, Vt.) Burlington, Vt. -- Events
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Champlain tercentenary celebrations [info:lc/authorities/subjects/sh85022459]
Library of Congress Name Authority: Champlain, Samuel de, 1574-1635 [info:lc/authorities/names/n78090538]
Georeference: [44.4764162,-73.2134782]

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