Archival Material and Objects: Souvenir of Your Airplane Flight, Burlington Airport, Burlington, Vt.

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Identifier: 2018.50.1
Collection: Local History Collection
Date: 1934 Type: Exact Date
Object Type: Documents
Description: Large rectangular ticket stub on green cardstock with black printing. Titled "Souvenir of Your Airplane Flight / Burlington Airport / Burlington, Vt. No. 1455" across front. Stamped "Boston" and "Concord" in center. Stamped "Boston Main Airways, Inc." across top. Stamped "Center Vermont Airways, Inc." on bottom. Handwritten name "Raymond D. Bucknam / disp." on top of front. "1934" handwritten above "Airplane Flight."
Dimensions: Width: 9.5 cm Height: 7.2 cm Depth:
Material: Paper
Entities: Boston Maine Airways, Inc. (is related to)
Central Vermont Airways, Inc. (is related to)
Bucknam, Raymond D. (is related to)
List item names (from related list items): Burlington International Airport
Library of Congress Name Authority: Burlington International Airport [info:lc/authorities/names/n83056308]
Georeference: [44.4706939,-73.1516037]

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