Published Materials: Queen City Park Hotel, Burlington, Vt.

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Identifier: 2010.1.1535
Collection: Llewellyn Collection of Vermont History
Date: 1900 Type: Circa Date
Object Type: Postcards
Description: Black and white postcard with engraved illustration of Queen City Park Hotel on front. Space for message on right edge of front. Captioned "Queen City Park Hotel, Burlington, Vt." on bottom left. Labeled "Gillette Photo. Co., Publishers." on bottom right. 
Dimensions: Width: 13.9cm Height: 8.9cm Depth:
Material: Paper
Entities: Gillette Photo. Co. (is publisher of)
List item names (from related list items): Queen City Park (South Burlington, Vt.)
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Spiritualism [info:lc/authorities/subjects/sh85126775]

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