Published Materials: One Hundred and Twelfth Annual Report of the City of Burlington Vermont For the Year Ending June 30, 1977

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Identifier: 2017.33.38
Collection: Local History Collection
Date: 1977 Type: Exact Date
Place of Publication: Burlington, VT
Object Type: Books
Description: Softcover, 178pgs.
Dimensions: Width: 17 cm Height: 25.4 cm Depth:
Material: Paper
Entities: City of Burlington, Vermont (is publisher of)
List item names (from related list items): Municipal government--Vermont--Burlington
Library of Congress Name Authority: Burlington (Vt.). School Department [info:lc/authorities/names/no00069479]
Georeference: [44.4758825,-73.212072]

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City of Burlington, Vermont (is publisher of)

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