Published Materials: Walton's Vermont Register and Business Directory for 1895

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Identifier: 2013.1.16
Collection: Llewellyn Collection of Vermont History
Date: 1895 Type: Exact Date
Place of Publication: Burlington, VT
Object Type: Periodicals
Description: Small paperback volume with tan covers. 
Dimensions: Width: 9.8 cm Height: 15 cm Depth: 1.5 cm
Material: Paper
Entities: Free Press Printing Company (is publisher of)
Llewellyn, Lance A. (is donor of)
List item names (from related list items): Vermont--Directories
Georeference: White River Junction, Hartford, VT, USA [43.6489596,-72.3192579]
Notes: Walton's Vermont Register and Farmer's Almanac was an annual directory and almanac published under various titles and by various publishers between circa 1803 and 2009.

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