Published Materials: Views in and Around Burlington, Vermont

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Identifier: 2010.1.457
Collection: Llewellyn Collection of Vermont History
Date: 1900 Type: Circa Date
Place of Publication: Burlington, VT
Object Type: Pamphlets
Description: Booklet with green paper covers containing photographs of attractions in Burlington and along Lake Champlain. 20 pages.
Dimensions: Width: Height: Depth:
Material: Paper
Entities: Sheldon Press, The (is publisher of)
List item names (from related list items): Burlington (Vt.)--Description and Travel Red Rocks Park (South Burlington, Vt.) Vermont -- Description and Travel South Winooski Avenue (Burlington, Vt.) Church Street (Burlington, Vt.) Hotel Champlain (Bluff Point, NY) Battery Park (Burlington, Vt.) Burlington Bay (Burlington, Vt.) Burlington (Vt.)--Industries City Hall Park (Burlington, Vt.) Cathedral High School (Burlington, Vt.) North Beach (Burlington, Vt.) Queen City Park (South Burlington, Vt.) Waubanakee Golf Club (Burlington, Vt.) Oakledge Park (Burlington, Vt.)
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Vermont--Description and travel [info:lc/authorities/subjects/sh85142826],Mansfield, Mount (Vt.) [info:lc/authorities/subjects/sh99000741]
Georeference: [44.5588028,-72.5778415:43.6106237,-72.9726065:44.491438,-73.1856832:44.586581,-73.3800905:44.4758825,-73.212072:44.4758825,-73.212072:44.4758825,-73.212072:44.4758825,-73.212072:44.4758825,-73.212072]

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